Robocall November 15th
Sun, Nov 15 6:38pm

Robocall November 15, 2020

Good Evening Farrand families, Mrs. Washington here with your weekend updates.

Farrand staff are anxious to meet with you during Parent Teacher Conferences. This is a time when teachers share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data and assignments. Teachers in turn become better informed about students’ strengths, needs, behaviors and learning styles.

There will be NO in person learning on November 18 or 19.

We appreciate our parents making certain that students who are ill, DO NOT come to school. Before a student returns to school he/she...

-Must be 10 days since symptom onset AND

-24 hours without fever without the aid of tylenol/motrin AND

-You have significant improvement in symptoms OR

-School has been provided with medical clearance from your child’s healthcare provider stating that she is not contagious with an infectious disease.

Now for District News:

The Wayne RESA regional enhancement millage renewal, which was on the ballot Tuesday, Nov. 3, passed by more than 68 percent. The renewal means that P-CCS will continue to receive additional funding through 2028. Proceeds from the renewal supply several million annually to the P-CCS general fund budget.

The original millage was passed by voters in 2016 to provide financial support for local districts faced with state budget cuts – allowing them to promote safety, prepare students for jobs and provide world-class programming for both special education and general education students. Each district in Wayne County has used the enhancement millage to improve schools in a variety of ways, including lowering class sizes, improving technology and security, adding valuable STEM and career education programs, improving facilities, and attracting talented teachers.

Wednesday, November 18: NO IN-PERSON LEARNING

BOTH AM and PM cohorts log into Canvas / Zoom for learning in the morning. The day will begin with an SEL (social emotional learning) lesson and class meeting followed by asynchronous lessons supporting Readers and Writers Workshop for the am only period. No lessons in the afternoon.

Thursday, November 19: NO IN-PERSON LEARNING

BOTH AM and PM cohorts log into Canvas / Zoom for learning in the morning The morning instruction on this day will include an SEL lesson (social emotional learning) and lessons in Readers and Writers Workshop. This includes some live instruction supported by some independent instruction as typical in the morning of a remote day. No lessons in the afternoon.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS Wednesday, November 18th will follow the typical Wednesday morning schedule in order to keep things predictable for VA students and families. Thursday, November 19 will also follow our typical Thursday morning schedule.