September 4th :: Mrs. Washington
Fri, Sep 4 11:35pm

September 4, 2020

Dear Farrand Families,

The first day of school is rapidly approaching. Your classroom teachers are excited about getting to know your students as learners. Farrand staff were excited about sending the video to our families.Teachers also sent an email that included information about how to log into Zoom on the first day of school. PLEASE READ the P-CCS Family Technology Resource Guide included in the teacher email. It includes information on how to access MiStar Parent Portal, P-CCS Tech Help, how to log into Zoom and how to log into Canvas.

Teachers will be sharing additional information about Canvas, our new learning platform, to help parents more easily manage the platform. Please follow this link for a quick video on how to access Canvas via chromebook. Please follow this link for a quick video on how to access Canvas via iPad.

While Canvas is planned to be available on Friday evening, we will use Zoom to schedule class meetings on the first day of school.

If you do not have a technology device, please call the office at 734-5826943 and we will help you work through the process of obtaining a chromebook or iPad. If you are unable to connect live on Zoom with your teacher on the first day of school, please email your teacher or call the office. Boys and girls, don’t be disappointed if the technology does not work out on the first day, you always have a backup plan to write a poem, draw a picture or write a story about yourself. You can share it with your teacher via email.

The First Day of School

The focus will be on connecting and supporting students and families as we learn how to navigate this new way of attending school. So what can you expect on the first day of school? Students will be learning routines, supporting each other and learning technology. Teachers will not be launching the full SAMPLE schedule during the first week of school.The first day morning will include:

Welcome Messages

Getting to Know You activities

Building Class Community

Setting Expectations for the days ahead

Kindergarten Families

The email you are receiving from your classroom teacher will get you started for the first part of school. As we get closer to Face to Face instruction for Safe Start families, we will share additional information about school processes that would typically be a part of our Kindergarten Orientation or Round Up.

Meet Your Teacher in ‘Safe Start Remote’

You and your student will have an opportunity to meet the classroom teacher and receive ‘To Go Bags’ while practicing safe measures and physical distancing. The ‘To Go Bags’ include curriculum and school supplies needed to begin the school year. During your meeting with the classroom teacher, there will be time to share ways the school staff can support your family as well as discuss any technology issues you may be experiencing. The safety of our students, families and staff are extremely important. Our Safe Start Remote families will be given an option to schedule a virtual appointment if they are not able/comfortable meeting face to face.

Be sure to schedule your appointment on Sign Up Genius sent by the classroom teacher. The meeting will take place during the afternoon on September 9, 10 and 11. During these three afternoons, students will be engaged in asynchronous learning activities posted by the teacher. The meeting with the classroom teacher will take place outdoors on the North side of the building.

As we work to create a safe environment for the Teacher Meet, we ask that families sign up for a 10 minute appointment that includes no more than 2 adults and one child. Masks must be worn. To limit the number of students on the playground, we ask that you limit your time on the school grounds with children being supervised by parents at all times.

Meet Your Teacher in the Virtual Academy

Families who have chosen Virtual Academy will meet with their teacher Virtually. Please schedule an appointment on Sign Up Genius to meet with them on the afternoons of September 9, 10 and 11. ‘To Go Bags’ and Curriculum materials will be distributed at the student’s home school. You will receive an email with directions and assigned times to pick up materials on Wednesday and Friday morning.

These are challenging times. The Covid pandemic has mandated significant changes in our lives. The new processes and procedures have posed substantial learning curves for all. Thank you in advance to our parent community for your patience and understanding as we all learn the Canvas platform together over the next few weeks. Thank you staff for your persistence and hard work during your first week back from summer break. You continue to be wonderful examples for our students. Our children are observers and great imitators. They are watching us and learning life lessons about how to strive under stressful circumstances. We also appreciate the strong partnerships we have developed with our parent community. We look forward to a successful school year in spite of the pandemic.

We’ve got this!

Mrs. Washington