Thank You Farrand Volunteers :: YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE
Tue, Jun 2 10:01am

The PTO would like to give a special THANK YOU to all of our parents who volunteered for our events and activities during the school year. We would like to recognize YOU and your thoughtful kindness that is demonstrated any time you show up to help!

Our amazing volunteers offer your valuable gift of time; encourage teamwork and are setting a great example for your children; are selfless and generous; and most of all- YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! We couldn’t have any events without you! The PTO appreciates your giving spirit- Thank you!


Thank you.....

Kevin Kiefer

Jaime Lownesbery-Bondy

Nicolette Shields

Ann-Marie Gerrity

Valerie Ramsey

Taryn Sulkes

Jennifer Langdon

Chris Thomas

Emma Kelley

Kate Grybb

Lisa Madden

Mike Kerul

Amy Duerr

Homer Bartley

Teresa Bartley

Lynn Cross

Kelly Rummel

Larissa Sneyd

Christine Huang

Jason Kelley

Amy Pashukewich

Katie Diegel

Steven Richter

Susan DeClercq

Shannon Stickler

Benjamin Stickler

Holly Stacherski

Samantha Harris

Andrea North

Laura Weller

Erin Krcatovich

Bill Marshall

Elise Harrison

Megan Parsons

Amanda Zielinski

Katie Cohagen

Katie Kiolbasa

Melissa Johnson

Lisa Nocera

Lisa Lukitsch

Christine Choi

Robyn Mazza

Swati Chaudhury

Samantha McGrew

Ali Lievense

Erika Hampstead

Kathleen Schoder

Geneva Scully

Jane Cullen

Kerri Fabbricatore

Kelly Davis

Allison Hull

Devon Davis

Jody Hurtubise

Lani Davis

Tommaso Vitale

Rene Mischle

Jennifer Fairbanks

Jennifer Ray

Julie Montresor

Terra Nischik

Joan Grahor

Nicole Kiefer

Kristy Wells

Courtney Davis

Kristen Collins-Garrity

Lisa Emil

Jennifer Lee

Susan Perez

Jenn Reo

Mary Roman

Melissa Sutherland

Elizabeth Vanmiddlesworth

**We apologize for any names that may have been missed - the students and staff are lucky to have your support**