Virtual Learning Parent Tips & Tricks
Wed, Sep 9 12:30pm

Hello Farrand Families!


Hopefully everyone is figuring all this stuff out!  There is a lot and it's very overwhelming!


A few tips and tricks that I've observed so far....


1.  Did you know that if you are placed in a classroom in Konstella that you can message all the parents that are in that room?  This came in handy today when a parent had a question regarding a Google Slide assignment.  They posted the question in the Konstella classroom messenger and other parents were able to respond - probably faster than the teacher could since she was in a Zoom meeting.  It takes a village folks.


2.  Did you know you can download the Canvas Parent app to your phone?  Or sign into a parent (observer) account in a browser?  This is helpful simply because your student is trying to figure stuff out as well as everyone else.  You'll be able to view their daily schedule (module) and make sure they are on track.  If you have multiple students - you can add each student to your "observer" account.

Check out this link for more details and directions...


Good luck!