2019-2020 Budget and Call For PAC Executives Nominations | 2019-2020学年的PAC预算和Ferris PAC执行职位的提名
Sun, May 12 4:37pm

Dear Ferris Parents, 

Please find attached 2019-2020 Proposed PAC Budget and Call for Nominations for Ferris PAC Executive Positions. 

If you are interested in any positions, please email us at ferrispac@gmail.com and tell us about yourself. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding next school year's proposed budget, we would love to hear from you at our next PAC meeting on June 3 at 6pm. 

Thank you. 

Ferris PAC


请参阅附件2019-2020学年的PAC预算和Ferris PAC执行职位的提名。




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