COBS Bread Dough Raiser Program - COBS 面包"面团活动“
Sat, Dec 8 6:13pm

Ferris PAC has joined up with COBS Bread to set up an unique fundraising program called COBS Bread Dough Raiser Program.  When you purchase COBS' baked goods at Blundell Centre or Richmond Centre location, make sure to mention "Ferris School" to the cashier and our school will receive 5% of your total purchase.   They serve freshly baked goods ranging from loaf to pizza base to scones at more than 100 locations in Canada. 

Richmond Centre COBS Bread: 6551 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B5, Opens 7AM-7PM daily

Blundell Centre COBS Bread: 8180 No 2 Rd #180, Richmond, BC V7C 5K1, Opens 6AM-7PM dailyFerris

PAC与COBS Bread合作,建立了一个名为COBS Bread Dough Raiser Program的独特筹款计划。当您在Blundell Centre或Richmond Centre购买COBS烘焙食品时,请务必向收银员提及“Ferris School”,我们学校将收到您购买总额的5​​%。他们在加拿大100多个地点供应新鲜出炉的商品,包括面包,披萨, 烤饼等。

Richmond Centre COBS面包店:6551 No 3 Rd,Richmond,BC V6Y 2B5,


Blundell Centre COBS面包店:8180 No 2 Rd#180,Richmond,BC V7C 5K1,