Ferris Family Holiday Fun Night, Ferris家庭假日欢乐之夜
Fri, Dec 7 5:45pm-7:45pm
Ferris Elementary School
5 days before, 2 days before

Dear Ferris Family, 

As the joyous holiday season approaches. PAC will be hosting a Ferris Family Holiday Fun Night on Friday, Dec. 7, filled with tons of exciting games, activities, movie ( “Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special”) and a grand prize draw!  $2 admission includes a movie, games, and a chance to win an entire set of Harry Potter! Food, face painting and nail polishing are all as low as $2.  

To help us better organize this event, please let us know by Dec. 4 if you will be attending and how many slices of pizza you'll be buying.

Please find attached notice for more details.  


欢乐的假期即将来临, PAC将于12月7日星期五举办Ferris家庭假日欢乐之夜,充满了大量欢快的游戏,活动,电影(“功夫熊猫假日特别节目”)和抽奖活动! $2元的入场费包括电影,游戏和赢取整套哈利波特的机会!食物,面部彩绘和涂指甲都低至$2元。为了帮助我们更好地组织此活动,请在12月4日之前告诉我们您是否参加以及您将购买多少片披萨。