Ferris PAC Donation Drive
Tue, Oct 15
Ferris Elementary School
6 days before

Dear Ferris Parents,

 Please find attached two important letters. Thank you!

Oct. 4 - Oct. 15th, 2019


請您閱讀附件中的倆封重要通知, 謝謝!


We are writing to ask for your assistance with our 2019/20 Fundraising campaign to enrich our educational programs and to purchase special school equipment. In the past, money raised had been spent on students’field trips, purchases of iMac computers, iPad, sports equipment, classroom furniture, sponsoring school- wide dance lessons and fine arts programs, contributions towards our playground fund, and so much more.

For 2019-2020, PAC has already lined up a whole new set of targets to expand learning opportunities at Ferris for OUR CHILDREN. Money raised will be used towards but not limited to:

PA Built-In Sound System for the Gym
Electronic Scoreboard
Specialist Musical Equipment, such as “Madonna Mic”
STEM + ADST Equipment, such as Maker Space Materials
and more......

We have approximately 350 families at Ferris this year. An average of $100 contribution from each family would greatly assist us to attain the quality standards we have set for our school and provide special extras. We promise to embrace transparency in all details of how the donations are used. Details will be made available during our monthly PAC meetings and in meeting minutes posted on PAC website and Konstella.

Donations over $25 qualify for a Charitable Donation Receipt!