FreshSlice - Saba Road Branch Fundraising Program | FreshSlice 比萨饼 Saba 街分店筹款计划
Wed, Dec 19 2:05pm

Ferris PAC has joined up with FreshSlice on Saba Road to set up a 6-month fundraising program.  

FreshSlice on Saba Road generously agrees that 10% of all purchases made by Ferris families will be donated back to Ferris PAC. 

How it works:

1. Order your pizza in-person, by phone or online for dine in, take out or delivery
2. When you order, make sure to mention "Ferris" to server or type in "Ferris" for promotional code before processing payment.

3. PAC will use the donation on various programs (D.A.R.E. hip hop dance, DuffleBag theatre, etc), school supplies (iPad, gym supplies, etc) and many more to enhance our children's educational experience at Ferris. 


***Address: 8010 Saba Rd #120, Richmond, BC V6Y 4E2

***Hours: 10AM-11PM Monday - Saturday, 11AM-10PM Sunday
Telephone: (778) 297-6030
Menu and on-line order:
They offer wide variety of traditional and specialty pizza at low cost.  It would be a perfect meal plan for your next birthday party.  


Ferris PAC与Saba 路的FreshSlice比萨饼店合作,设立了为期6个月的筹款计划。

Saba 路的FreshSlice慷慨地同意,Ferris家庭购物中的10%将捐赠给Ferris PAC。 


1. 亲自,通过电话或在线订购披萨,在店里用餐,外卖或送货

2. 当您订购和付款前,请务必与收银员提及“Ferris”或网上订购时输入“Ferris”作为促销代码。

3. PAC将捐款用于各项学校项目(D.A.R.E.防止滥用毒品教育,嘻哈舞,DuffleBag剧院等),学习用品(iPad,体育用品等)等,以增强我们孩子们在Ferris的教育体验。   

***地址:8010 Saba Rd#120,Richmond,BC V6Y 4E2