Help Save A LIFE at stem cell drive 干细胞配型测试活动
Thu, Jan 31 11:14pm

Martin Lintag, one of Ferris family alumni, has been diagnosed of leukemia.  He only has between 3 months to 1 year to live  and urgently needs a stem cell transplant to survive.  Lintag’s family has already lost his only brother, Oscar, who was a Ferris alumni.   


His family and friends are hosting another stem cell drive this weekend in a bid to save his life.  They are asking anyone aged 17 to 35 to come swab their cheeks Saturday or Sunday to see if they are a match for Lintag. 


YOU are the CURE. Be the ONE.  Ferris Family Helping Ferris Family


Time: Feb 2 and 3rd at 12-6pm

Location: Croatian Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4E4

What to do: All you need is to do a quick cheek swab and the whole registration process takes less than 5 minutes!


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Facebook Event Page:

Martin's brother's obituary: 


Martin Lintag被诊断患有白血病。如果没有及时移植合适的干细胞,生命只能延续三个月到一年。几年前,Lintag的家人已经失去了另一个孩子、Martin的兄弟Oscar(他是Ferris的校友)。他的家人和朋友本周末将举办一次干细胞配型测试活动,以挽救他的生命。如果你的年龄在17到35岁之间,有心帮助Martin Lintag,请在本周六和日(2月2日和3日)下午12点至6点,前往以下地址
地点:Croatian Centre,3250 Commercial Dr,Vancouver,British Columbia V5N 4E4





Martin的兄弟的讣告: = lifestory&pid = 136778724