Hot Lunches
Ferris Elementary School
8 days before

Munch a Lunch is now open for New Year’s Hot Lunches! 

Jan 17 (Friday) Pizza

Feb 21 (Friday) Sushi

March 13 (Friday) Pizza

April 17 (Friday) Pizza

May 22 (Friday) Sushi

June 19 (Friday) Pizza

  • Order through 
  • To make it easy - order for all future hot lunch days at the same time! Also to save transaction fee for our PAC
  • Deadlines for cash payment to front office are Fridays a week prior before the end of school days; or payment by credit card must be completed by 23:59.
  • We are no longer to do refund for students who are absent on hot lunch dates as we were double charged for transactions and its very time consuming. Thanks for understanding.

Kind regards,

Ferris PAC




2月 21日寿司






- 订餐通过

-  为了方便起见 , 以上三次的热午餐您可以一次性订购!  还会为本校PAC节省手续费。

- 如用现金付款,请在Hot Lunch一周前的星期五放学前递交到学校办公室;如用信用卡,请在一周前周五半夜11:59之前在网上付款。

- 本学期热午餐将不会为缺勤学生做退费, 原因是PAC需要支付两次信用卡费用, 以及耗费义工大量时间。谢谢理解!


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