Last Day to Donate for Ferris Playground is Nov 30, 2018
Wed, Nov 21 12:46pm

This is a kind reminder that there are 8 more days to donate to our Playground Fundraising campaign.  $6,765 have been generously donated by our Ferris families so far.  We would greatly appreciate any financial support to allow our children accessing an upgraded playground in the near future.  Please find the original notice below and donation request letters attached. 

Ferris PAC


温馨提醒: 家长们还有8天时间可以捐赠给Ferris游乐场筹款活动。迄今为止,我们的Ferris家庭已经慷慨捐赠了$6,765元。我们非常感谢所有资金上的支持,让我们的孩子在不久的将来能够使用升级版的游乐场。请看下面的原始通知和附件中的捐款请求信。

Ferris PAC


Dear Ferris Parents:

We are writing to ask for your assistance with our 2018/2019 Playground Fundraising campaign.  As you are aware, Ferris School will be undergoing a seismic upgrade next year and our goal is to be able to install Phase II of the new playground in the fall of 2020, after our seismic construction is complete! For Phase II, we have raised approximately $22,000 and require $80,000 more in order to complete the purchase and installation of our dream school playground structure! We are asking your family to consider donation directly to your Playground Fund.  Any donation of $25.00 or more is eligible for a charitable donation receipt from the Richmond School Board of Education.  We would ask that cheques be submitted on or before November 30, 2018, in order to allow time for tax deductible receipts to be issued.  Also, should you wish to donate from your business or know of any local business who would consider donating - please contact one of our PAC Executives who would be happy to contact you or them! 

*** Please see attached Donation Request Letters, in both English and Chinese, for more detailed information. 



我们的孩子就像蓬勃生长的树苗需要学校,老师和家长的呵护,为了他们有个更完善和更丰富的游乐场,我们需要每一位家长伸出援手。众人拾柴火焰高,我们想在此希望您们为2018/19 Playground筹款活动提供必要的帮助。如您所知,Ferris学校明年将进行地震升级,我们的目标是在防震建设完成后,能够在2020年秋季安装第二期的新游乐场!为了实现这个计划,我们已筹集了约22,000元,但需要80,000元才能完成我们的梦想-完成学校游乐场活动设施的购买和安装!所以为了我们的孩子能拥有一个更好的环境,我们请求您及其家人考虑直接向我们的游乐场基金捐款。任何25元或以上的捐款都有资格获得Richmond学校教育局的慈善捐赠收据。我们要求在2018年11月30日或之前提交支票,以便有时间签发抵税收据。此外,如果您希望以您的企业捐款或知道任何当地企业有意考虑捐赠,请联系我们的家委会,他们会很乐意与您或企业联系!