Last Day to Order PAC Hot Lunch - Pizza Day 预定披萨热午餐截止日
Fri, Sep 20
Ferris Elementary School
1 day before

Hi Parents!



Friday Sep 20 is the last day to order next Friday's pizza Hot Lunch

- Order through

- You can order all available hot lunch at the same time.

- Deadlines for cash payment to front office is Friday Sep 20th at 2:45 PM, before the end of school day

- Payment by credit card must be completed online by 23:59 Sep 20th.

- Please ensure that your children's Division(s) are correct when you place your online order.  Volunteers refer to Division # when they hand out Hot Lunch. 




为了方便, 您可以一次性订购其余热午餐!

如用现金付款, 请在9月20日本周五放学前递交到学校办公室。

如用信用卡, 请在9月20日本周五半夜11:59 之前在网上付款。

订餐时,请确认您孩子们的Division, 义工们是按照Division 分饭的。