Luxury Diamonds Fundraising Program | 豪华钻石珠宝店筹款活动
Fri, Jan 25 7:58pm

New Fundraising Opportunity!

Ferris PAC has joined up with Luxury Diamonds to set up a 6-month fundraising program.  

Luxury Diamonds generously agrees that 3% of all purchases made by Ferris families will be donated back to Ferris PAC, simply mention "Ferris" when you make your purchases.  

PAC will use the donation on various programs (D.A.R.E. hip hop dance, DuffleBag theatre, etc), school supplies (iPad, gym supplies, etc) and many more to enhance our children's educational experience at Ferris. 


* Google rating: 4.9 stars

* Luxury shopping experience at wholesale prices. 

* Conflict Free Diamonds (only offer GIA certified stones)

* Custom made in Vancouver

* Diamond Price Match

* Diamond Upgrade Program

* Jewelry Insurance

* First-Class Packaging

* Lifetime Warranty

* Free Engraving / Resizing / Shipping


* Address: 608-1199 W Pender St.   Vancouver 

* Hours: Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 5P M

* Telephone: (604)360-4858

* Website:


Ferris dads:  this would be a great Valentine's Day gift for your wife while helping PAC fundraise   :)



Ferris PAC与Luxury Diamond 豪华钻石珠宝店合作,设立了为期6个月的筹款计划。

* 消费金额的3%将慷慨捐赠给PAC

* 购买时请提及“Ferris”

* PAC将捐款用于各项学校项目(D.A.R.E.防止滥用毒品教育,嘻哈舞,DuffleBag剧院等),学习用品(iPad,体育用品等)等,以增强我们孩子们在Ferris的教育体验。 


* Google 评分4.9星

* 以批发价格提供豪华购物体验。

* 提供非冲突钻石 (只提供GIA认证的宝石)

* 本地定制首饰

* 钻石价格匹配

* 钻石升级

* 珠宝保险

* 一流的包装

* 终身保修


* 地址:608-1199 W Pender St.   Vancouver 

* 营业时间:周一至周五 早晨10至下午五点

* 电话: (604) 360-4858

* 网址