Order now for Vietnamese Hot lunch! Oct 19 last day to order! 10月19日最后一天订购越南菜热午餐
Wed, Oct 17 12:12pm

Next Hot lunch is Oct  26 - Last day to order is Oct 19!   Lunch  theme will be Vietnamese with options of salad rolls, fried rice, and many more!

  • Order through http://www.munchalunch.com/schools/Ferris/ 
  • To make it easy - order for all future hot lunch days at the same time!
  • Deadline for cash payment to front office is tomorrow 10/18 before the end of school day; or payment by credit card must be completed by Friday 23:59.

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Ferris PAC

下次热午餐是10月26日 - 最后一天订购是10月19日!午餐主题将是越南菜,包括沙拉卷,炒饭等等!

- 订餐通过http://www.munchalunch.com/schools/Ferris/

-  为了方便起见 , 同时订购所有未来的热午餐!  

- 如用现金付款,请在10/18放学前递交到学校办公室;如用信用卡,请在10/19半夜在网上付款


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