PAC Food Safe Training
Tue, Dec 8 8:57pm


Ferris Parents,


This is an opportunity for a free food safe training, certified level 1.  The RDPA will continue to sponsor only one volunteer from each school to be certified via online training of Food Safe.

First come first serve and only if you agree to stay as a Ferris PAC volunteer at PAC events next year (most likely not until September 2021, no PAC events have been planned for this school year).   

Note: All FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued since July 30, 2013 are valid for 5 years and the expiry date is indicated on your certificate.


1, Please send an email to including your name, your kids' names and divisions, an informal commitment to future volunteering events, and also course information and its fee.

2, After you receive the confirmation from PAC, please register the course and keep the receipt for PAC's reimbursement.

3, Certification and recertification training option links below. 


Food Safe Level 1 Certification courses:

In person training is estimated at $80-100. 

Online training is estimated at $115 for 7hrs.

Distant learning which is done at your own pace is estimated at $105


Recertification course:


Once course is completed, PAC can forward to RDPA copies of completed certification and receipt for reimbursement. Please note RDPA will only sponsor one PAC approved volunteer for each school. 


Thank you!