Ferris Elementary School

Hello Parents, 

Our PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) meeting will be held on 1st Monday of every month, @6:00PM at the Staff Room (behind the school front office).  The upcoming PAC meeting is on, Monday, Oct 7th.

Who can come to the PAC meeting?  Any parent/guardian of a Ferris student is already part of the Ferris PAC.  It's a great way to meet new people, find out what is happening in the school, and share your ideas and questions!    




谁可以来参加PAC会议呢? Ferris学生的任何家长/监护人都是Ferris PAC的一部分。这是一个结识新朋友,了解学校各项活动,分享您的建议想法和问题的绝佳沟通机会!