Pre-Order your Carnival Tickets on Munchalunch | 在Munchalunch預訂您的嘉年華票
Wed, May 8 10:50am

Carnival Tickets are available to be pre-ordered on Munchalunch now!  


- Click on "Fundraising Open!"

- Buy 10 tickets, get 1 free!  

- Games are mostly 1 ticket, with only 3 games requiring 2 tickets. 

- Face painting, balloon twisting, henna tattooing and photo booth are 1-3 tickets depending on children's request. 

- 1-3 tickets for food. 

- We are having 22 game stations (more than double of previous years) and lots of yummy food (including 2 cotton candy stations!).  So make sure to purchase enough allowing your children to try all games and food.   

Don't waste time on buying tickets during the event - Let's PLAY, PLAY and more PLAY!



- 點擊“Fundraising Open!”

- 買10張門票,免費獲贈1張!

- 遊戲大多是1張門票,只有3个遊戲各需要2張門票。

- 根據孩子的要求,面部彩繪,扭氣球,指甲花紋身和照相亭均需要1-3張門票。

- 1-3張票购买食物。

- 我們准备了22個遊戲站(比往年多兩倍)和很多美味的食物(包括2個棉花糖站!)。因此,請確保購買足夠的門票,讓您的孩子嘗試所有的遊戲和食物。

在活動期間不要浪費時間買票 ! 讓我們一起玩,玩,玩!