Purchase Carnival Tickets on Munch a Lunch In Advance to Avoid Line-ups! | 在Munch a Lunch網站提前購買嘉年華門票以避免排隊!
Mon, May 20 10:29pm

Carnival Tickets are now available to be purchased on Munch a Lunch.  Make sure to place order online in advance! Why waste time on buying tickets when your children can start having fun right at 2:50pm on May 30!  

There will be 24 Game Stations and lots of yummy food, so be sure to purchase enough tickets for our biggest event of the year!  Most games only cost 1 ticket with a few requiring 2-3.  Food costs are kept low, between 1-3 tickets.  

- Login into  https://munchalunch.com/login.aspx

- Click on "Fundraising Open!"

- Please check out the attached Carnival Floor Plan and you'll get an idea on how extravagant this event will be. 

- Tickets will be handed out to your children before the carnival in the afternoon of May 30. 

We hope to see you and your children on May 30 at 2:50pm!


嘉年华門票現在可以在Munch a Lunch購買。務必提前在線下訂單!當您的孩子在5月30日下午2:50準時開始玩樂時,不要浪費時間排隊買票哦!


- 登錄https://munchalunch.com/login.aspx

- 點擊“Fundraising Open!”

- 請查看隨附的嘉年華平面圖,您將了解此次活動的奢侈程度。

- 門票將於5月30日下午活動開始之前分發給您的孩子。