SEL Parent Learning Night 社交情感学习
Tue, Oct 31 1:40am

Dear Ferris Families,


Ferris will be hosting a Parent Learning Night about Social Emotional Learning on Tuesday November 14thfrom 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  Information will be presented in English and Mandarin, and this will be a hybrid presentation event with in-person attendance and virtual attendance via MS Teams link. 

In-person attendance will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.  Online attendees will receive a link to join on the event on Microsoft TEAMS.  Confirmation of registration will be sent via email by the morning of November 13th.


Marnie Flores (our Area Counsellor) and Muriel Huang (our SWIS) will be facilitating an evening of learning and answering questions about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and its importance for our learners.


Topics include:

  • What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?
  • What does SEL look like at difference ages?
  • Why is SEL important for learning?
  • How do we teach SEL at Ferris?
  • Ways to learn more about and use SEL to support children at home.


To register, please complete the online registration form at the link below.
Click this link to register.




Ferris将于1114日星期二晚上6:007:00举办有关社交情感学的家交流之夜。信息将以英和普通進行。家可以自参加,也可以通線上MS Teams参加。自参加者将按照先到先得的原则进行确。在线参加者将在活前通过电件收到加入MS Teams的會議接。注册确将在1113日早上或之前通过电送。


Marnie Flores (輔導員) 和 Muriel Huang (学校移民安员) 将主持一个关于社交情感学习(SEL) 及其的学者的重要性的学之夜,并回答相关问题



  • 什么是社交情感学习 (SEL)
  • 在不同年段,SEL是什么子的?
  • 什么SEL很重要?
  • 如何在Ferris教授SEL
  • 更多关于SEL并在家中支持孩子的方式。