Science World is coming to Ferris on Friday, Feb 7!
Tue, Feb 4 9:42pm

PAC is proudly sponsoring a school-wide educational event.  We have invited the Science World On the Road team to come to our school with fun, inquiry-based demonstrations that pique science curiosity, boost science literacy and inspire future science and technology leaders.  Make sure to ask your little scientists what they have learned on Friday!

How2Science for grades K–3: Discover and practise the ways that scientists observe, predict and test, with demonstrations that will have audience members spinning on platforms, launching rockets and riding hovercrafts. 

Earth, Wind & Science for grades 4–7: Explore the incredible weather events that occur within our atmosphere, with demonstrations such as the shocking Van de Graaff Generator, the mind-boggling Cloud In A Bottle and the spectacular Fire Tornado.