Spin the Wheel to Raise Fund for BC Children's Hospital and Ferris | 旋轉車輪為BC省兒童醫院和Ferris籌集資金
Inside PriceSmart Foods | 佳廉超市内

A particularly meaningful parent-child fundraising event will be held at the PriceSmart Foods supermarket next weekend.

Ferris will be responsible for Spin the Wheel's game booth, and the money raised will be given to Ferris and BC Children's Hospital each 50%.

One family per shift (two parents and three students). It takes a total of 4 hours a day, and the start and end times can be slightly advanced or delayed.

 *Sunday shift, 12-4pm, have been filled. 


下周末在PriceSmart Foods佳廉超市内将举办一项特别有意义的亲子活动。

Ferris会负责Spin the Wheel的游戏摊位,筹得的款项将分给Ferris和BC Children's Hospital各50%.