Staff Appreciation Luncheon | 老师感谢午餐会
Fri, May 24 11:40am-11:45am
Ferris Elementary School

PAC is helping to organize a Staff Appreciation Luncheon for Friday May 24th! Your response is needed by Thursday May 16th please--to help with the planning. Please go to this link to sign up for food to help make the Luncheon a success! (Alternatively, you may submit a paper form with information about the food you will contribute. See attached notice--paper copies of this are available  in the office!)

 Here's the online link: then type what you will be bringing or sending to school for the staff appreciation luncheon.  

Thank you for you contribution!

PAC正在帮助组织5月24日星期五的老师感谢午餐会!请在5月16日星期四之前回复 - 以帮助策划。请到这个链接注册食物,以帮助此次午餐的成功! (或者,您可以提交一份纸质表格,其中包含您将提供的食物信息。请参阅附件通知 - 办公室可提供此文件副本!) 


然后输入您将带来的或发送到学校的午餐。 谢谢你的贡献!