Volunteers needed for Spring Carnival May 25th| 寻求春季嘉年华义工 5月25日
Thu, May 25 12:30pm-5:30pm
Ferris Elementary School
1 day before, 3 days before

Dear Ferris Parents, 

Our biggest fundraising event is fast approaching and we need lots of volunteers to make the Spring Carnival successful!  Please see all available volunteering positions below. 


* If you are able to help out with both shifts at a station, please sign up for both! 

* Please arrive at your station on time to ensure this event running smoothly. 

* Volunteers for Games will be contacted and given detail instruction sheets prior to the event.  

* If you have older children who would like to volunteer with you and needs volunteer hours, please do bring them to help as well!  


Our kids look forward to this annual event very much and it would not be possible without your help as volunteers.  

Thank  you !

Ferris PAC








我们的孩子们非常期待这个年度活动,如果没有您作为义工的帮助,这是不可能的。 谢谢 !

Ferris 家委会



Volunteers for setting up equipment. Signed Up: 6 / 6

Thu, May 25 12:30pm-2:30pm
Volunteers need help setting up game equipments. From 12:30 to 2:30. 义工需要帮忙安装游戏设备。下午12:30到2:30

Volunteers for games and food sale. Signed Up: 16 / 40

Thu, May 25 2:30pm-5:30pm
Volunteers are needed to help organize games and help with food sale. If volunteers can only help at a certain time of period, you can note the time period. Thank you. From 2:30-5:30 义工需要帮忙组织游戏正常进行和帮助销售食品。如果义工之可以在某个时间段帮忙,请备注可以帮忙的时间段。谢谢. 时间2:30到5:30。
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