attention to all hot lunch volunteers
Fri, Nov 12 3:06pm

All volunteers for Hot Lunch Day MUST sign up through Konstella.
Parents who didn't sign up are unable to enter the school to volunteer.
All volunteers must sign in at the front office. Volunteers names will be listed on the sheet (Mikako will prepare this sheet on that day)
Different from past years, volunteers only distribute meals into the yellow bin. Parents are not allowed to deliver to their child's classroom.
Delivery will be made only Div 10-23. One or Two Hot lunch coordinators with 1-2 parents' volunteers (max 3 people) will deliver meals to those divisions.
The rest of the volunteers must stay in the Top Kids room and help hand over a yellow bin with meals to students who come to pick up their meals (Div 1-9 students)
Once all the meals are distributed, sign out at the door and leave school.