Your Student should have your FA PTSA Membership Cards & Direct Donation Receipt/Letters today!
Fri, Sep 29 11:54am

Dear First Avenue Families,

If you have joined FA PTSA membership

and/or made a Direct Donation to FA PTSA,

your FA PTSA card(s), tax deductible direct donation receipt/letter

and coupons were given to your student today. 

Please ask your student if they have not given you this packet.

Ifyou have not joined FA PTSA

or have not had a chance to donate to our

FA PTSA Direct Donation Campaign,

we hope you will consider joining & supporting FA PTSA! 

(Click on links below for forms)


We need all families to join us

so we can reach 100% FA PTSA membership! 

 A few Arcadia schools have

already reached 100% membership,

and we hope First Avenue PTSA

will be the next  Arcadia school to reach this goal!

Remember that all donations to FA PTSA stays at First Avenue

and funds are solely used for our school!

First Avenue Middle School's

110th Annivesary is this year

and we hope we will continue the tradition of

100% FA PTSA membership support. 

We are planning a HUGE 110th Anniversary Event during the

City of Arcadia Holiday Market / December 9 / 11a-6p /

South 1st Street, Arcadia 

featuring School Tours,  Anniversary Swag,

Student Performances & More!

Mark your calendars to attend and/or volunteer!

(more details soon!)

Questions?  please email


Warmest regards,

Shirley Yee

First Avenue PTSA President