Fri, Sep 28 11:25am
Frank Otis Elementary
Only THREE MORE DAYS until our OCTOBER 1st deadline! We need to raise $4000 more to meet our Direct Donation goal!

Are these definitions relevant to you??


GIVING FATIGUE - The dull and numb feeling when your mind cannot process anymore requests for donations, no matter how worthy and special and wonderful the cause.


GIVING EUPHORIA - The light and exuberant feeling you have immediately after you’ve donated to the Otis Direct Donation Drive, knowing that you have made a positive and lasting impact on the academic progress and social-emotional growth of hundreds of children in our school community. Not to mention raising the Fun Factor exponentially.


WARNING  - GIVING EUPHORIA may last for several days, weeks or months. There is no known cure. However, if the euphoric feeling begins to fade, another donation to Otis will bring it right back.


Please give what you can! Giving Euphoria can strike with any amount. The students, staff and PTA thank you so much for your generosity.