A Message From Otis Mom Elizabeth Tran Wong
Mon, Feb 25 6:39pm
Frank Otis Elementary

The week before break, AUSD shuttered an entire mod-severe, autism-specific SDC (special ed class) at Lincoln and combined them with a mod-severe, non-specific SDC at Wood.

Parents and students were given one week notice. And a CSEA rep said that staff were also not given advanced notice.

On top of the abrupt move and inappropriate placement is the issue that an entire class of special needs students disappeared without the slightest acknowledgement. As if they were invisible and somehow less significant than their typically-developing peers. The school community was not given a chance to say goodbye to this group of students.

This is the tip of the iceberg, as SpEd students have been excluded from many of their schools and communities.

I have a son who is not at Otis and his class has historically been excluded from kindergarten promotion, yearbook class photos, and their school-wide art show. And this is happening all across the district.

Here is the letter that some of the parents wrote:

We will be going to the school board meeting tomorrow at 6:30pm. If you can join us, we will all be wearing purple to show our solidarity.

Let’s make sure that our slogan “Everybody Belongs Here” is true for all of our families.