A Message From Principal Harris
Wed, Jan 23 7:15pm
Frank Otis Elementary

Dear Families,


Last week staff inadvertently triggered the lockdown button on a classroom phone causing a schoolwide announcement via the digital classroom speaker. This was an accident and not a drill; however, Otis will conduct one of two mandated lockdown drills tomorrow. Teachers have prepped students in advance and have likely informed you of the drill in their class newsletters/parent communication.  The drill includes:

  • An all call over the loud speaker
  • Locked classroom doors
  • Closed windows
  • Shades drawn
  • Students and teachers seated in silence in a hard corner of the classroom
  • Office staff checking all doors are locked and students and staff are accounted for using the Share 911 app.
  • An all clear announced over the loud speaker

For more information on the AUSD Emergency Preparedness please click here:



Have a great rest of the week!

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Your Best!