A Message From Team Haunted House
Wed, Jun 5 5:40am
Frank Otis Elementary

Otis Carnival's Haunted House is right around the corner. Yes, we're serious! This year's going to be bigger and better than last year's, but in order to get it done, we have to start building early. Our new theme is Alien Infestation. We've already got some amazing ideas, however, it's too big for us to do alone. We need your help! Let's give our kids an amazing experience they'll never forget.

We're looking for:
Make-up Artists
Set Designers
Builders (with Wood, PVC, Cardboard)
Tech Specialists (with AV, Software and Hardware)  
(What? We live by silicone valley!)

If you're interested, we'd love your help! We're hoping that by starting early we can have a fairly laid back experience. Our lives are busy enough!  We'll hold a meeting at a later date with the interested parties and take it from there. Looking forward to it!

If interested, please sign-up for Team Haunted House HERE.

Thanks and Happy Halloween!
Team Haunted House