A Message from the Front Office - Attendance
Wed, Dec 13 1:11pm
Frank Otis Elementary
Dear Otis Families:
In an effort to clarify school attendance we are including a link to the updated AUSD Attendance Policy to which Otis adheres. Please take a moment to read it.  
In previous years, this policy was not implemented or was misconstrued across AUSD and some absences were excused that were not excusable according to the policy.
Truancy letters are also a requirement to be sent to the parents/guardians and are generated by a periodic attendance report.
Please remember to call or email the office as soon as possible to let us know if your child will be out of school.  
Computer generated robo-calls go out at 10am everyday. These calls will let you know if your child was marked absent or tardy and reminds you to call to clear the absence.  This call does not mean that your child's absence will automatically remain unexcused. 

Thank you. 
Manya Morris and Lashonda Knox