Ability Awareness Week STARTS MONDAY!
Thu, Mar 21 5:52am
Frank Otis Elementary

Ability Awareness Week STARTS MONDAY MARCH 25TH, and we still have a lot of volunteer slots to fill.  Take a look at the schedule and see if you can help out, even if it's not during your child's class.

Here's where we're short the minimum amount of volunteers needed for each class to participate:

Ms. Gilbert 1
Ms Nelson/Ms. S 1
Ms. Carling 2
Ms. Apel 1
Ms. Quon 4 more (high danger of being cancelled)
Ms. McNamara 2
Ms. Westlund 2
Ms. Goodwin 4 (high danger of being cancelled)
Ms. Dortch 3 (high danger of being cancelled)
Mr. Sullivan 1
Ms. Hernandez 1
Ms. Smith 4 (high danger of being cancelled)
Ms. Hardman 2
Ms. Yoon/Mr. B 1
Ms. Goldspring 1
Ms. Galvez 1
Ms. Elderts 1

Please sign up if you can help. This program relies entirely on volunteers. It's a busy week! But the kids love it, and you will too.

Here's the sign up.