Art a la Mode
Mon, Mar 25 7:02am
Frank Otis Elementary
Thursday, April 11 6:30pm-8pm in the MPR

Come to Alameda's premier art event, Art a la Mode!

MARVEL at the 600+ pieces of student art on display!
GET INVOLVED at our community art table, making cards for Meals on Wheels (hosted by Community Service Club).
EAT delicious Rita's Italian Ice ($5/each, bring cash! Proceeds raise money for Otis.)
(Green Team encourages families to bring your own bowls and spoons in order to reduce waste.)
GAZE IN WONDER at the 21019 Collaborative Art Pieces by each class!

VOTE for which Collaborative Pieces go up for live auction!
CELEBRATE our artists' creativity.
This event is not to be missed!

Every student will have a piece of art on display. In addition, the 2019 Collaborative Art Pieces by each class will make their debut at Art a la Mode before being auctioned at Spring Fling on April 27th. Art a la Mode is your one and only chance to get a sneak peek at these must-have, priceless art pieces. See you there!