Birds & The Bees Workshop: Nurturing Positive Identity (Media Center)
Thu, May 2 6:30pm-8:30pm
Frank Otis Elementary (Media Center)
1 day before

Tonight! Here's a flyer about the event. Hope you can make it.


All About the Birds and the Bees

Parent Workshop: Nurturing Positive Identity


Thursday, May 2nd

(rescheduled from March 7)

6:30-8:30 pm

Otis Elementary, Media Center

Childcare provided (room 102)


Many of us love the idea of communicating openly with our kids, even about sexuality, but sometimes we feel unsure what to say, how much to say, or when it’s age-appropriate to say it. Communicating about sexuality, especially with kids, is a skill-set that can be learned.

In this workshop, parents will explore what healthy sexual development and sexual safety look like at the elementary level, so that we can begin to shape our understanding of what to talk about, how and when.

Ronit Matabuena-Lev has been educating children, teens, and families for more than 25 years. As a credentialed, public school teacher, Ronit witnessed the profound impact sexuality issues had on the lives of her students and their families. Her experiences inspired her to found Bird and Bee Education, which utilizes best practices in the field of sexuality education to educate and empower youth and families around sexual health and identity. Ronit is also the proud Mommy of a 2nd grade Owl at Otis.

You can learn more about Ronit and her work at or email questions to