Box Top$ for Education Collection Drive Ends on Dec 11
Mon, Dec 11
Frank Otis Elementary
7 days before, 21 days before

The Box Top$ for Education collection has begun!

Each class has received a collection container for Box Top$ for Education coupons. Please find and bring in Box Top$ which we submit for cash for the school. The containers will be in the rooms until Dec 11.


What are Box Top$ for Education? 
They are a fundraising opportunity that appear on many brand-name products that you may already have around your house. If you go to their main page, you can see what they look like.


Which products exactly?

Here’s a list:…/participating-products

Annie’s products are on the list, as are General Mills Cereal (that’s Cheerio’s!), some office supplies, Kleenex tissues, trash bags and many more products.


What do you need to do?
Cut along the dotted line and bring the little rectangles in to the classroom. (If there are multiple box tops together, don’t cut them out individually, just leave them attached to one another.)


Why should you participate? 
While your individual contribution may seem small, together we raise $1,000 or more a year from this program. Really! All of these little rectangles really add up.

The class that collects the most Box Top$ gets their name on the Box Top$ trophy and gets to choose a prize that can be used in their classroom.


Still have questions? 
Email Box Top$ Coordinator, Claire Legas, at and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks! And get clipping.