Early Dismissal For Kinders (First 3 Weeks): 11:40AM
Frank Otis Elementary

Early dismissal for Kindergarten at 11:40am for the first three weeks of school.

Mon, Aug 19 8:20am

Tue, Aug 20 8:20am

Wed, Aug 21 8:20am

Thu, Aug 22 8:20am

Fri, Aug 23 8:20am

Mon, Aug 26 8:20am

Tue, Aug 27 8:20am

Wed, Aug 28 8:20am

Thu, Aug 29 8:20am

Fri, Aug 30 8:20am

Tue, Sep 3 8:20am

Wed, Sep 4 8:20am

Thu, Sep 5 8:20am

Fri, Sep 6 8:20am