Galactic Gala "Parties Party"
Thu, Mar 8 8:00pm
Frank Otis Elementary
3 days before
Learn more about the Galactic Gala Hosted Parties!

Parents and faculty donate fun, hosted shindigs which are then sold at the Galactic Gala. Click here to learn more. Attend the "Parties Party" on Thursday, March 8 @ 8pm at 1341 Versailles Ave to learn more! You will meet with current, past or prospective Galactic Gala party hosts, have your questions answered, share your party wisdom and maybe even hook up with a co-host! There will be drinks and nibbles at this agenda-free gathering.  Questions? Contact Katie de Vries at or Kristan LaVietes,

To donate a hosted party contact Galactic Gala Party Coordinator, Kristan LaVietes at