Garden Docent Orientation (Main Garden)
Thu, Sep 20 8:30am-9:30am
Frank Otis Elementary (Main Garden)
1 day before

Dear Garden Docents,

With luck, we will have all of our volunteers signed up by Back-to-School Night this Wednesday.  That is also a great time to identify a lead and to check in with your teachers to choose a regular day and time for their lessons (usually once a month, but up to you).

I am holding a Garden Docent Orientation in the main Garden next Thursday, September 20th at 8:30am right after drop-off.  I will review some of the basics and get you familiar with whose beds are whose, how to plan them out and access lessons, how to get into the shed, irrigation,  etc.

Afterwards, I will be doing a bit of weeding/assessing/amending as needed, so feel free to wear grubby clothes and stick around for a bit!  No RSVP necessary.  I will post agenda and notes afterward.  

Thanks, everyone!

Susan Hughes