Good Eggs Fundraiser
Tue, Oct 8 5:48am
A new way to earn money for Otis:

Otis is part of the Good Eggs Fundraiser, and we are now in week 2! Otis earns 5% on all purchases in October and November. Bonus: if we get 8 orders from Otis in the next week, we will win yogurt to pass out at school (Braniac Kids yogurt). Also, new users earn Otis extra money. This is an easy way to raise money for the school and make your week easier!

What is Good Eggs? Good Eggs is a full online grocery store with great produce. Free delivery on orders over $60.

How to sign up: go to Good Eggs School Fundraisingenter frankotis for your school code and start shopping!

Thank you,
Sacha Steinberger