Halloween Parade
Wed, Oct 31 1:00pm-1:40pm
Frank Otis Elementary (Blacktop)

Otis Halloween Parade

  • There will be an Otis Halloween Parade around the blacktop on Wednesday, October 31st from 1:00-1:40pm.
  • Classes will meet at their Monday morning line up locations at 1:00pm.
  • Families may gather along the perimeter of the blacktop to watch the parade.
  • Students will be dismissed at 1:50pm from their classrooms.
  • We will have an alternate activity for students who choose not to participate in the Halloween parade. Families, please let your classroom teacher know this week if your child will not be participating in the Halloween parade so we can ensure they are included in the alternate activity.

Costume Guidelines:

  • Students are permitted to wear their costumes (per AUSD's dress code policy below) all day. Anything that covers the face or interferes with learning must be saved for the parade.
Costumes must comply with AUSDs' dress code and cannot:
  • Be demeaning to any person or group based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or to any individual staff or student at the school
  • Create a safety hazard
  • Include weapons or replica weapons
  • Hide the identity of the student or impair a student's vision or movement (e.g., ability to climb stairs)
  • Include obscenities or references to prohibited substances

Classroom Activities

  • Please communicate with your teachers in regard to classroom specific activities during the day.
  • If your classroom is having a party, please remember that many students and families have food allergies.
  • We appreciate foods free from tree nuts. We are also promoting health and wellness.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are great options as are pencils, eraser, and other non-food items.