Important Message from Principal Harris
Sat, Jan 13 1:45pm
Frank Otis Elementary
Dear Otis Community:
It pains me greatly to report that Friday afternoon one of our parents found a swastika drawn on an outside table located on the blacktop. The swastika is a significant and notorious hate symbol that represents anti-Semitism and white supremacy. At Otis, we are dedicated to upholding and protecting the rights of all people. Symbols of hate can and will not be ignored. We denounce the use of this hate symbol, and we encourage you to discuss the issue with your children.
A staff member erased the hate symbol, we have reported it to AUSD district office leaders, and we will also report it to Alameda Police Department so that they are aware. Regardless, we still think that it is important that students understand what a swastika symbolizes and its unfortunate history as a hate symbol.
Please take time this weekend to discuss the issue with your children and to let them know why this hateful symbol is counter to what we stand for as a school. Remind them that Otis is a No Place for Hate school, and we prioritize allyship. It is essential that students, families and community members report issues of concern like this to school staff when they happen. As an individual school and district-wide these issues are monitored, documented, and addressed.
We encourage you to support our promise to maintain a No Place for Hate school. The Otis' Equity and Inclusion Committee has supported our work in educating students, families, and community members on issues of hate, exclusion, and injustice. I invite you to join our efforts.
Please review the District website page on anti-bias resources for ways to discuss and educate children and families regarding anti-Semitism, racism, and other forms of bigotry. 
In Peace,
Tanya Harris
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 
Martin Luther King Jr.