Konstella Notification Settings
Wed, Feb 27 3:03pm
Frank Otis Elementary

I'm concerned that a lot of you aren't getting important notifications from myself, the PTA, the Principal, etc... because of your notification settings in Konstella.

I know many of you have your notifications set to receive a Daily Digest. This is a great option if you don't want to receive every announcement we send as an email. However, if you don't actually click the links in the Digest to read the email, you're not getting the messages we're trying to send to you.

I discovered this issue this morning when I sent a message from Tanya with a typo in it (we both missed the typo; she typed it late last night, and I read it early this morning). I asked my wife to read it to see if she caught it. She said she can only read the first line of those Digest entries, and she never logs in to read them because she didn't know her password (because I setup her account) WHAT?!?!

We chose Konstella as our main communications tool a year ago. While it's not perfect, we find it has many qualities worth its imperfections. It has the ability to email everyone, even if they haven't taken the time to register for Konstella (once you receive an invite, you get every email); a school-wide calendar, as well as classroom/committee specific calendars; school-wide sign-ups, as well as classroom/committee specific sign-ups, etc... We even plan to move the PTA Newsletter, the Outlook, to Konstella, which means all communications will be through Konstella.

I know some of you think we send too many emails, and my have changed your notification settings to Daily Digest so that you don't get every email. If this is the case, and you aren't actually taking the extra step to read those messages in the Digest, please return to receiving individual emails. If you choose to delete the message without reading it, that's up to you. But we want to make sure you're getting the whole message before deciding whether or not to read it.

I've attached a picture of the Notification Settings screen. You can choose to receive an immediate phone notification (pop-up, if you're using the mobile version) and email; Daily Digest email, and (gasp) None (please don't do that).

You can also choose to not receive emails from Konstella (the company) at the bottom. I've heard feedback that people don't like those emails. You can choose not to receive them by changing your box from Yes to No.

And please, if you need any help with Konstella, please let me know. You can reach me through Konstella, or email me at mikenvirg@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Mike Webber