MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Galactic Gala a Stellar Success!
Tue, May 1 2:24pm
Frank Otis Elementary

I am over the moon to report that the Otis 2018 Galactic Gala grossed an astounding $90,065!!! This makes the Galactic Gala the highest earning fundraiser EVER in Otis history! 
The proceeds from this event directly benefits our Otis Owls through PTA supported programming like: Soul Shoppe, STEAM Lab, Assemblies, Art & Garden Docent Programs, field trips, and stipends for teachers to use for purchasing essential classroom supplies and learning tools.  
To the Galactic Gala Mission Control team, thank you for your tireless efforts. Our Otis Owls love you to the moon and back! 
So much gratitude to the following individuals and teams who powered the Galactic Gala. There are not enough words to adequately express my gratitude. Big thanks go to...
  • GALACTIC GALA CO-CHAIRS - ERICA KOLODNY and BETH LEONARDO! This dynamic duo had a unified vision to take the spring auction to the next level this year. They started working last summer and truly blasted it out of space! Under their dedicated leadership, the PTA surpassed its fundraising goals and delivered a memorable event with the help of team leads who stepped up and went above and beyond to fulfill our goals. Big thanks to you two!
  • JENNIFER YIP for calmly and generously organizing everything in our auctions. From leading our DONATIONS TEAM, to managing the auction software and online auction catalog, to running the AUCTION OPERATIONS TEAM and managing volunteers at the event, to making sure all winners receive their winnings...to SO MUCH MORE...you are the heart beat of this effort and we are all amazed by and in awe of what you do for Otis. Thank you!
  • KRISTAN LAVIETES for managing the Hosted Parties, for rallying the art docents, for helping with auction operations, and for always being willing to jump in and help wherever it is needed, always with a smile on your face. Thank you!
  • CHRISTINE REILLY for organizing our incredible DECORATIONS TEAMand for storing a celestial universe in your garage for many, many months. You magically transformed the Grandview Pavilion into a true galactic escape! Thank you!
  • BRAD ROBINSON, the best DJ in the Galaxy! Thank you for making us dance until our moon boots fell off! Your expertise in AV, lighting and sound truly elevated this event to an out-of-this-world level. Thank you!
  • DOUBLE SIX DESIGN, owned by Otis parents Marcus Carini and Beth Leonardo, for creating the absolutely stunning Galactic Gala graphics used in our online marketing, event program, the live auction presentation and event signage. You make us look so good! Thank you!
  • KATY NASTIKA for creating a fantastic STEAM LAB video to remind us of one of the many reasons we raise $$$ for Otis! Thank you!
  • JERROLD CONNORS and our ART DOCENTS for working with our kids to create priceless collaborative art pieces to be auctioned off at the Galactic Gala. Not only does this art fuel a big portion of our fundraising, but it serves as a poignant reminder why the Otis PTA does what it does.  Thank you!
  • KATIE DE VRIES for always being available with years of Spring Fling experience and knowledge to ensure that each year this event continues to  evolve and succeed. Thank you especially for encouraging and supporting our Galactic Gala PARTY HOSTS. Our social calendars are full and parties will continue through the summer and into the fall! Thank you! 
  • OTIS TEACHERS & STAFF that donated priceless GIFTS FROM THE HEART to be auctioned off at the event. You are The Force at Otis, caring for and teaching our children. Thank you! 
  • BLAKE MENEZES, our entertaining live auctioneer of KLM AUCTIONS! Thank you!
  • STACY MEYN and the 501ST LEGION for bringing Lord Vader and his Storm Troopers to mingle with our guests. Thank you!
  • ALANA DILL for transforming our guests with her celestial face painting.
  • PRINCIPAL TANYA HARRIS for offering the guidance and leadership needed to ensure that our galactic efforts truly support Otis. Thank you!
The following people contributed a million things, big and small, to make this annual fundraising event a huge success:  
Jennifer Yip, Kristin Heckman, Katie de Vries, Carrie Purins, Beth Leonardo, Erica Kolodny, Kristan LaVietes, Christian Landecker, Steve LaVietes, Shizuka Kuroiwa, Dan Kolodny, Susan Hughes, Chuck Kapelke, Katie de Vries, Tanya Harris, Blake Menezes, David Mitchell, Matt Martin, Kit Wiegman, Marcus Carini, Brina Siv, Jerrold Connors, Traci Price, Carrie Purins, Mary Scriven, Ed Song, Jordana Elderts, Laina Levy, Caephren McKenna, Katherine Lovejoy, Kelly Johnson, Greg Reilly, Michelle Macarai
This crew of helping hands gathered donations, ran a seamless check-in and check-out at the Galactic Gala, operated the various auctions, were live auction spotters & recorders, managed high school volunteers at the event, delivered sweets and beverages to the Grandview Pavilion, helped with set-up and clean-up at the event, displayed the Collaborative Art Pieces, sold balloon pops, ran the 50/50 raffle, sold Heads & Tails tickets, and just made sure all the odds & ends that needed to happen happened!
If you were unable to attend the Galactic Gala it's not too late to participate in this stellar fundraising effort. Simply click here and  DONATE NOW. All proceeds directly benefit our Otis Owls by supporting...
Our vast universe of parents, students, teachers, businesses and community members came together for the Galactic Gala with one common goal - to help Otis reach past the stars. This was truly an Otis community effort in which many, many people gave so generously and worked so hard to pull off such an incredible fundraising effort.  
- Beth Aney, PTA President