Otis Parent Offering French Summer Camp
Thu, Jun 6 4:20pm
Frank Otis Elementary

My name is Emma and I am from Paris, France. I moved to the United States over 10 years
ago and I am now a French (Montessori) teacher, raising 4 young bilingual children in
Alameda. I have a Masters degree from France, an MBA from the Univeristy of Maryland and
after switching careers completely a few years ago, I am now a Montessori trained teacher
with over 10 years of experience teaching children and adults. I first started teaching French
with Rosetta Stone, then moved up to managing a multinational team of language teachers
throughout the United States. After having my first child and moving to Alameda, I decided
to become a teacher so I could spend more time with my family and still make a difference in
children’s education. I worked for Bay Language Academy, then for The Renaissance
International School in Oakland, and now I run a French language immersion program at The
Child Unique.

As a teacher, I have my summers off and I wanted to spend part of it offering French
summer camps. I would love the opportunity to introduce your child(ren) to French or help
them become more confident speaking it should they have prior experience. As a Montessori
teacher, I am trained to adapt each of my lessons to every child’s needs and learning
abilities and preferences. Mixing up ages is also a great way to teach through partnership
with an older child helping a younger one. The older child feels they have additional
responsibilities and the younger one may respond better to a child than a teacher. As a
French teacher, I find language immersion to be most effective and use French to
communicate. I have also noticed that children absorb language through songs and
therefore, I incorporate a lot of vocabulary through music. I would love the opportunity to
bring all my knowledge and experience in the classroom to a smaller setting this summer
and I am excited to provide this to your children through our French summer camp.

Emma Neilsen
summer camp
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