Owlapalooza Submissions Deadline for Bands with Kids
1 day before, 10 days before



Otis' annual all-day music festival, Owlapalooza, is on Feb 24 in the MPR. We would love to showcase new musical Otis talent this year (especially with kid musicians and family bands). This is a great opportunity for Otis students to perform (sing and/or play a musical instrument) with other students (so this could be classrooms or small student bands) or with their musician parents. Performers can do just one song or a number of songs. This is a legitimate concert with microphones, amps, stage lighting, etc so it can be a really exciting opportunity. We would also welcome Otis alumnae so if anyone knows any former Otis students who are now in bands, please spread the word as this could be a great experience for them to perform in front of a live audience.

Deadline to submit for adult-only bands is Dec 15, 2017.

Deadline to submit for any band that has kids in it is Feb 1, 2018.

If anyone out there would like an opportunity to perform at this year's Owlapalooza event (on Feb 24), please contact Noel Rabinowitz (noelienoel@gmail.com) or Carlo Balboni (carlobalboni@att.net). Don't be shy!