Parent Information Night - Supporting Our Kids' Health & Safety: A Sexuality Overview
Thu, Jan 25 6:30pm-8:30pm
Frank Otis Elementary
1 day before
Supporting Our Kids' Health & Safety - A Sexuality Overview
with Ronit Matabuena-Lev of Bird and Bee Education
Thursday, January 25, 2018
6:30-8:30 pm in the Media Center
So many of us love the idea of communicating openly with our kids, even about sexuality, but somehow it just doesn't always happen.  Lots of times we feel unsure what to say, how much to say, or when it's age-appropriate to say it, especially about sexuality. Even when we do have clarity, sometimes our confidence fails us, and we end up clamming up or sputtering out a stall tactic before retreating in flustered surprise.  It happens to the best of us!
Truly, communicating about sexuality, especially with kids, is a skill-set that can be learned.  In this first workshop from The Birds and The Bees Series, families will have the opportunity to explore what healthy sexual development and sexual safety look like at the elementary level, so that we can begin to shape our understanding of what to talk about, how and when.  
Together, we will:
  • understand the importance of, and common barriers to, open communication about sexuality in the home
  • explore what typical sexual development looks like at the early and upper elementary levels
  • get ideas about when and how to begin age-appropriate conversations about sexuality
  • learn strategies for teaching children about sexual safety: how to recognize what's okay and what's not
Please join us for this interesting and informative parent information night. 
Coming Later this Spring:
  • Nurturing a Positive Sense of Self In Our Kids - Body Image, Gender, & Sexual Identity
  • Digital Safety - Keeping Our Kids Safe in a Technological World 
Free Childcare Provided.
Sponsored by Otis PTA