Pizza With Read-A-Thon Fundraising Champions CANCELLED
Tue, Mar 10 11:25am-12:45pm
Krusi Park (Green Tables)


During grade level lunch times at the green tables at Krusi Park.

Kinders - Hannah Siv, Kota Saelee, Nash Chambliss
1st -  Barnaby Carnwath, Sawyer Livsey, Jane Maier, Evelyn Ginsburg
2nd - Kaia Hsu-Daniels, Caleb Larsen, Della Alvarez, Sophie Siv
3rd - Stephanie Yu, Lucas Williamson, Olivia Wehner, Virginia Maier
4th - Jose Badilla, Oliver Carling, Fletcher Chambliss, Sophia Larsen
5th - Kylee MacLeod, Elena Morishige, Nathan Ginsburg, Zander Kime