Solid Gold Numbers Are In! Thank You!
Wed, May 8 12:46pm
Frank Otis Elementary
Otis PTA Outlook 

The Solid Gold Gala was pure gold! We grossed $91,671 - our highest earning fundraiser EVER in Otis history (beating last year's record of $90,065)! There were exciting bid battles, generous donations, amazing music, and a fun time had by all.
Our community of brilliant parents, students, teachers, local businesses and community members came together for the Solid Gold Gala with one common goal - to give our children the best education possible despite district funding constraints.
Our paddle-raise portion of the evening went directly to support existing STEAM-centric programming at Otis, which amounts to a whopping $70,000 of the PTA annual budget. (It's not too late to RAISE YOUR PADDLE to support the continuation of these important STEAM initiatives for 2019-20!)

We want to recognize the following individuals and teams who truly powered the Solid Gold Gala and made it a dazzling night. There are not enough words to adequately express our gratitude. BIG THANKS GOES TO...
  • SOLID GOLD GALA CO-CHAIRS - NEVEEN ACERO AND BETH LEONARDO! Building on the success of last year's Galactic Gala, Beth and Neveen elevated the spring auction yet again. They started working last fall and truly struck gold! Under their dedicated leadership, the PTA surpassed its fundraising goals and delivered a memorable event with the help of team leads who stepped up and went above and beyond to fulfill our goals.
  • JENNIFER YIP for sharing her years of experience, training new Auction and Donation team members, and calmly and generously organizing everything in our auctions.  Jennifer was truly a 3rd Co-Chair, from leading our DONATIONS TEAM to managing the auction software and online auction catalog, to running the AUCTION TEAM and managing volunteers at the event, to making sure all winners receive their SO MUCH are the heartbeat of this effort and we are all amazed by and in awe of what you do for Otis.
  • KRISTAN LAVIETES for acting as the 4th and most decisive Solid Gold Co-Chair. From managing the Hosted Parties and Gifts from the Heart to rallying the art docents and helping with auction operations, Kristan was a force of nature, always willing to jump in and help wherever it is needed, and always with a smile on your face. Thank you especially for encouraging and supporting our Solid Gold Gala PARTY HOSTS. Our social calendars are full and parties will continue through the summer and into the fall!
  • SARAH BROOKS AND JENNIFER SMITH for organizing our incredible DECORATIONS TEAM and scouring the island to upcycle items used at other fundraisers to transform the Grandview Pavilion into a dazzling disco extravaganza!
  • BRAD ROBINSON, the best DJ spinning gold! Thank you for making us dance until our platforms fell off! Your expertise in AV, lighting and sound truly elevated this event to a solid gold level.
  • DOUBLE SIX DESIGN, owned by Otis parents Marcus Carini and Beth Leonardo, for creating the absolutely stunning Solid Gala graphics used in our online marketing, event program, the live auction presentation and event signage.
  • JERROLD CONNORS, RACHEL WILSON and our ART DOCENTS for working with our kids to create priceless collaborative art pieces to be auctioned off at the Solid Gold Gala. Not only does this art fuel a big portion of our fundraising, but it serves as a poignant reminder why the Otis PTA does what it does.
  • ROB ACERO, Otis parent and Emcee Extraordinaire, for rocking the mic with humor and heart.
  • MAGALI MEDINA, BRINA SIV, BETH ANEY and JENNY BECK for rounding out the DONATIONS TEAM. Magali for graciously opening your home. Brina for procuring the delicious desserts and Beth and Jenny, for stepping in when asked.   
  • THE AUCTION TEAM - MATT WHEELAND, MAGALI MEDINA, KATIE HONEGGER, EMI JOHNSTON, TRAVIS HONEGGER, LEON TCHIKINDAS for stepping up to learn the software and spending the whole evening in the tent checking people in, inputting winning bid info, and checking attendees out.
  • OTIS TEACHERS & STAFF that donated priceless GIFTS FROM THE HEART to be auctioned off at the event. You are The Force at Otis, caring for and teaching our children.
  • BLAKE MENEZES, our entertaining live auctioneer of KLM AUCTIONS!
  • PRINCIPAL TANYA HARRIS for offering the guidance and leadership needed to ensure that our efforts truly support Otis.
  • The MANY, MANY VOLUNTEERS that contributed to a million things, big and small, including: Ali Blesse, Alyx Karpowicz, Bernadette Whitman, Caephren McKenna, Carmen Dunham, Colleen Paltrineri, Eric Vaught, Jessica Xiomara García, Jordona Elderts, Kate Elliott Kasberger, Katie Devries, Kendra Meuser, Kimberly Kato Chambliss, Laina Levy, Lucas Smith, Matt Martin, Michelle Macarai, Mike Webber, Monica Vigil Dommbeck, Nathan Blesse, Roger Schwenke, Sacha Steinberger, Saskia Winter, Stephanie Farnham
This was truly an Otis community effort in which many, many people gave so generously and worked so hard to pull off such an incredible fundraising effort. Congratulations Owls on such a glowing success!
Thank You!!
~Otis PTA Executive Board