Speaking Of AEF Classes
Tue, Aug 20 1:40pm

Mandar's classes are not the only AEF classes that are taking registrations Thursday, all AEF classes at Otis start registration Thursday!

A message from Willa Jalleh, who is in charge of our AEF program at Otis:

Hi Otis Friends, registration for the Fall AEF after school enrichment programs begin this Thursday 9:30am. We have Yoga, Art, Lego, Magic, Abacus and other fun classes this Fall! Unlike previous seasons, the flyer is now mailed to your home address and you should receive it early this week. Kinder families will get their copy from their teacher. There are also extra copies in the Office. Register online at http://alamedaeducation.org/ and please email otis@alamedaeducation.org if you have any questions!