Support for Otis Family
Mon, Aug 12 10:31pm
Please read the important message below from Alyx Brun about support for the Meeks family and how to help:
Hello Otis families, old and new, I am hoping we can continue our support for the Meeks family this new school year. For those new families who may not know, Rosa and Michael have 7-year old twins Adrien and Francesca who will be going into second grade this year. Rosa has been struggling for years with cancer, this past year being the hardest by far. Michael and the twins will need some extra love, support, thoughts, and prayers going forward this coming school year, and if families can manage it, help with meals for a while. I have set up the following meal train, with a recent update from Michael on Rosa, and I will continue to update it as their needs change. Please stay tuned, and help if and where you can. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thank you so much, Alyx Brun